Specific Tax Consulting for Medical Professionals

Ongoing changes in healthcare, high pressure on costs and less and less time for patient consultations are increasingly turning you as a doctor into a “patient-entrepreneur”. The therapeutic professions across all disciplines are facing new challenges. We offer sector-specific consultancy, enabling you to focus on the core business of your practice and, above all, on your patients. “DRG, OPS, ICD-10…” are not alien concepts for us. We understand your language right away and can diagnose your “tax symptoms” correctly. In particular, thanks to the support of our team of medics in the office, we have a keen sense of where the tax issues are to be found and what kind of information you need.


  • Ongoing tax consulting, tax arrangements and tax declarations for self-employed and employed medical professionals
  • Support for business start-ups, and financial consulting
  • Valuation of medical practices for purchases/ sales
  • Paperless electronic bookkeeping using “DATEV Unternehmen online”
  • Individual analyses
  • Advice regarding medical recruitment and appointments
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