Inheritance and Company Succession

Inheritance and gift tax / Company succession

Would you like to provide for your retirement at an early stage and plan your asset transfer to the next generation for maximum tax efficiency? Or have you already inherited and need assistance in meeting your tax obligations? Or perhaps you wish to be represented for tax purposes in dealings with the joint heirs?

Inheritance and gift tax place a great burden on those who come after you. To overcome this obstacle and avoid the assets being eroded by the tax authorities a well prepared, structured asset transfer or company succession is necessary.

We can support you in preparing your succession. Where the succession has already occurred, we will advise you as heir concerning “corrective options” for tax purposes, e.g. waiving the succession and asserting the rights to the compulsory portion. At your request, we will also prepare your inheritance tax declaration.


  • Asset transfer consulting
  • Acting as executor of a will
  • Representing heirs and joint heirs in inheritance disputes
  • Preparing inheritance and gift tax declarations
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