Financial Accounting

Timely accounting and management analysis of your current business transactions make a vital contribution to managing your business success. It is the only way to be able to recognize negative business trends at an early stage and counteract them in time. Financial accounting is more than merely fulfilling obligations under tax and trade law.

Amongst other services, we offer “DATEV Unternehmen Online”, a modern, electronic form of financial accounting where analysis and all accounts are available for inspection at all times, whenever and wherever you want.

On request, we are able to draw up your financial accounting during the year on the year-end basis. That means, for example, that we will take account of accruals and deferrals not relating to the assessment period, and show monthly tax accrual and deferral, etc. This rules out any unexpected surprises at the end of the year. And you always go into meetings with the bank well-prepared, with current numbers.


  • Continuous posting of all business transactions
  • Electronic VAT advance return and recapitulative statement at due date
  • Individual management analysis tailored to your requirements
  • Review of your tax and business situation on the basis of half-year results
  • Paperless electronic bookkeeping with “DATEV Unternehmen online”
  • Asset accounting
  • Private bookkeeping for property assets
  • Management of customer receivables/ debts to suppliers with open item accounting and individual analysis
  • Controlling and liquidity planning
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