Annual Financial Statement

The annual financial statement is more than the summary of your operating result for the financial year just ended. For you as an entrepreneur, it is probably the most important basis for your decision-making and planning. Banks, shareholders, tax offices and public authorities are also interested in your statement. The financial statement is your company’s business card.

In Germany, the work of preparing the annual financial statement is becoming increasingly important in relation to the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz), company ratings and Basel II. Since the German legislature introduced the electronic Companies Register, your annual statement is also a source of information for competitors and clients.

Based on the financial accounting maintained either by you or by our office, we will prepare the annual financial statement in accordance with German GAAP. We make use of all available legal tax options to meet the aims and specifications of your accounting policy. Banks want to see annual net income reported under commercial law which is as high as possible, whereas a profit that is as low as should be reported to the tax authorities. For you as entrepreneur and shareholder the annual financial statement should be as detailed and meaningful as possible, but for the electronic Federal Gazette it should contain only the information which is required.

To harmonize these demands, we will prepare the reports on your annual financial statement to meet your individual requirements, from simple breakdowns to a detailed management report. In the concluding balance sheet meeting, you will be offered a full analysis of your business and tax situation.


  • Preparing the annual financial statement with balance sheet and income statement for legal corporate forms, in accordance with German GAAP and tax law
  • Preparing notes to the annual financial statement
  • Preparing opening, interim and closing balances
  • Preparing separate balance sheets for publication purposes in the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Detailed preparation of the annual financial statement for bank purposes
  • Surplus revenue accounts
  • Detailed balance sheet analysis
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