The fast pace of change and the complexity of German tax law, with around 200 laws and around 100,000 regulations, present entrepreneurs and private individuals with constant new challenges. However, the abundance of rules and regulations also offers you opportunities to arrange your affairs to best tax effect.

Business start-ups

So you have a great business concept and want to take the step into working for yourself? That’s precisely the time to get the best possible tax advice, even before starting your business, to decisively influence your future business success. As tax consultants, we support you in choosing the right, tax-optimized legal structure and in preparing a business plan; we help you in developing business concepts and in preparing analyses for investment and financial planning. Additionally, we will gladly assist in planning and applying for public funds.

The aim of our business start-up consulting is to ensure that you can focus on your ideas and objectives without struggling to get to grips with the tax aspects. You will get a comprehensive picture of your future obligations as an entrepreneur and of your future tax situation. Nasty surprises are therefore eliminated.


  • Support in choosing legal structure
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Assistance in preparing for and attending negotiations with banks
  • Tax advice and review of contracts
  • Assistance in accessing public funds
  • Acting as agent in dealings with tax authorities
  • Preparing all necessary business start-up documents
  • Setting up customized book-keeping
  • General management/ business consulting
  • Due diligence for takeovers or share acquisitions

Tax and business consulting

The complicated German taxation system requires ongoing, competent and forward-looking consulting. Business consulting without specialist knowledge of taxation is almost impossible these days. As an entrepreneur, you have to overcome these growing challenges day by day. Rapidly-changing competitive structures and legislative changes, together with increasingly sophisticated customer behavior, leave you with little time to analyze the key ratios for your business.

As a private individual, confidentiality is particularly important to you in relation to tax consulting. For instance, you might like to know how a property purchase or taking out old-age insurance affect your tax situation.

In this situation, you can expect more than “standard consulting” or “standard reports” from us. We give you the key ratios for your business you really need – the ratios which tell you about the business – at a glance. It means you will have an optimized aid to decision-making for your operational and strategic projects.


  • Tax planning, tax organization and tax optimization
  • Review of tax models
  • Preparing company and private tax returns
  • Professional supervision of external tax audits
  • Acting as agent with the tax authorities over objections and other legal recourse
  • Representation in fiscal offences proceedings
  • (Tax) Due diligence
  • Liquidity calculations
  • Support and attendance at bank negotiations

Payroll accounting / HR

Smooth and efficient personnel management is one of the basic prerequisites for your company’s success and for satisfied employees. Maintaining an overview of German wage tax and social security legislation as it affects payroll accounting is not easy for entrepreneurs, especially in view of the constantly-shifting legal position. Mistakes in payroll accounting create problems with regard to wage tax and social security legislation, and generally also create dissatisfaction amongst employees.

We guarantee efficient and reliable support and handling of personnel-related matters, starting with handling regular payroll accounting and through to devising specific solutions to individual questions. Opt for the security and reassurance of expert assistance for your personnel management tasks.


  • Legally compliant payroll accounting for you and your employees
  • Wage tax registration/de-registration
  • Maintaining/handling payroll accounts
  • Prompt clarification of legal aspects relating to wage tax and social security
  • Participation and representation during payroll and social security audits
  • Employee notifications and certifications for all German social insurance carriers
  • Tax planning and review of employment contracts
  • Assistance with personnel management
  • Determining employee hourly rates

Financial accounting

Timely accounting and management analysis of your current business transactions make a vital contribution to managing your business success. It is the only way to be able to recognize negative business trends at an early stage and counteract them in time. Financial accounting is more than merely fulfilling obligations under tax and trade law.

Amongst other services, we offer “DATEV Unternehmen Online”, a modern, electronic form of financial accounting where analysis and all accounts are available for inspection at all times, whenever and wherever you want.

On request, we are able to draw up your financial accounting during the year on the year-end basis. That means, for example, that we will take account of accruals and deferrals not relating to the assessment period, and show monthly tax accrual and deferral, etc. This rules out any unexpected surprises at the end of the year. And you always go into meetings with the bank well-prepared, with current numbers.


  • Continuous posting of all business transactions
  • Electronic VAT advance return and recapitulative statement at due date
  • Individual management analysis tailored to your requirements
  • Review of your tax and business situation on the basis of half-year results
  • Paperless electronic bookkeeping with “DATEV Unternehmen online”
  • Asset accounting
  • Private bookkeeping for property assets
  • Management of customer receivables/ debts to suppliers with open item accounting and individual analysis
  • Controlling and liquidity planning

Annual financial statement

The annual financial statement is more than the summary of your operating result for the financial year just ended. For you as an entrepreneur, it is probably the most important basis for your decision-making and planning. Banks, shareholders, tax offices and public authorities are also interested in your statement. The financial statement is your company’s business card.

In Germany, the work of preparing the annual financial statement is becoming increasingly important in relation to the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz), company ratings and Basel II. Since the German legislature introduced the electronic Companies Register, your annual statement is also a source of information for competitors and clients.

Based on the financial accounting maintained either by you or by our office, we will prepare the annual financial statement in accordance with German GAAP. We make use of all available legal tax options to meet the aims and specifications of your accounting policy. Banks want to see annual net income reported under commercial law which is as high as possible, whereas a profit that is as low as should be reported to the tax authorities. For you as entrepreneur and shareholder the annual financial statement should be as detailed and meaningful as possible, but for the electronic Federal Gazette it should contain only the information which is required.

To harmonize these demands, we will prepare the reports on your annual financial statement to meet your individual requirements, from simple breakdowns to a detailed management report. In the concluding balance sheet meeting, you will be offered a full analysis of your business and tax situation.


  • Preparing the annual financial statement with balance sheet and income statement for legal corporate forms, in accordance with German GAAP and tax law
  • Preparing notes to the annual financial statement
  • Preparing opening, interim and closing balances
  • Preparing separate balance sheets for publication purposes in the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Detailed preparation of the annual financial statement for bank purposes
  • Surplus revenue accounts
  • Detailed balance sheet analysis

Inheritance and gift tax / Company succession

Would you like to provide for your retirement at an early stage and plan your asset transfer to the next generation for maximum tax efficiency? Or have you already inherited and need assistance in meeting your tax obligations? Or perhaps you wish to be represented for tax purposes in dealings with the joint heirs?

Inheritance and gift tax place a great burden on those who come after you. To overcome this obstacle and avoid the assets being eroded by the tax authorities a well prepared, structured asset transfer or company succession is necessary.

We can support you in preparing your succession. Where the succession has already occurred, we will advise you as heir concerning “corrective options” for tax purposes, e.g. waiving the succession and asserting the rights to the compulsory portion. At your request, we will also prepare your inheritance tax declaration.


  • Asset transfer consulting
  • Acting as executor of a will
  • Representing heirs and joint heirs in inheritance disputes
  • Preparing inheritance and gift tax declarations

Specific tax consulting for medical professionals

Ongoing changes in healthcare, high pressure on costs and less and less time for patient consultations are increasingly turning you as a doctor into a “patient-entrepreneur”. The therapeutic professions across all disciplines are facing new challenges. We offer sector-specific consultancy, enabling you to focus on the core business of your practice and, above all, on your patients. “DRG, OPS, ICD-10…” are not alien concepts for us. We understand your language right away and can diagnose your “tax symptoms” correctly. In particular, thanks to the support of our team of medics in the office, we have a keen sense of where the tax issues are to be found and what kind of information you need.


  • Ongoing tax consulting, tax arrangements and tax declarations for self-employed and employed medical professionals
  • Support for business start-ups, and financial consulting
  • Valuation of medical practices for purchases/ sales
  • Paperless electronic bookkeeping using “DATEV Unternehmen online”
  • Individual analyses
  • Advice regarding medical recruitment and appointments

Voluntary disclosure / Criminal tax proceedings

The fight against tax evasion is increasingly being taken forward at the national and international level. Since January 1, 2015, the German legislature has also tightened up the requirements concerning voluntary disclosure to avoid penalty. Even small mistakes in making a voluntary disclosure can bar restoration of tax compliance, rendering the disclosure without effect for the tax authorities.

We offer advice and support in preparing a voluntary disclosure. Where criminal tax proceedings have already been initiated, we will support you with the assistance of colleagues from our network of cooperating partners (attorneys specializing in criminal tax law, former tax auditors who have worked for the tax authorities). It means that you will get rapid help and assistance, directly and without complications.


  • Advice on tax evasion issues
  • Advice on criminal tax law
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings
  • Advising on and preparing voluntary disclosures
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